The combination of self-study on Internet followed by a 3-day intensive Workshop allows you to acquire the basics of project management in a highly effective and pleasant way.

During the 4-6 weeks e-learning phase you will learn essential methods, techniques and tools of project management and how they are used in practice. In the subsequent workshop you will immediately put into practice the freshly acquired knowledge in a highly realistic project simulation. This action-focused training course favours the sustained transfer of learning into daily work.


Your benefits

Our blended learning course allows you to:

  1. learn how to successfully initiate, plan, monitor and close projects;

  2. learn how to handle crucial elements like scope, resources, schedule, cost and quality;

  3. acquire practical skills in the use of essential project management tools like the work breakdown structure, activity network and Gantt chart;

  4. learn best practices to manage risks, variances and scope changes throughout the project;

  5. practice the management of stakeholder expectations and interests;

  6. improve your decision-making and leadership skills as a project manager;

  7. learn how to systematically apply the acquired knowledge and skills in your own projects.

Target audience

This training program addresses project managers, project team members, executives and all persons who will have to lead, or play an important role in a project in the near future.


How to

Designed as a blended learning course, the training involves different learning approaches and media. The total duration of this modular program is four days spread over a period of four weeks. It involves the following steps:



Phone conference of virtual classroom or introduction offline


Topics and objectives:

  • Presentation of the training concept and objectives;

  • Agree on objectives and milestones of the self study phase;

  • Motivation of the participants.

Duration: 2 hours

Tutored e-learning

Self-study phase with support of a tutor


Topics and objectives:

  • Project management methods, tools and techniques according to internationally recognized standards;

  • Interactive exercises and tests, examples, checklists and pitfalls;

  • Continuous feedback regarding progress and exercises from the tutor.

Duration: ca. 12 - 20 hours within 4-6 weeks

Workshop with SimulTrain

Classroom training


Topics and objectives:

  • Put project management methods into practice with a realistic project simulation;

  • Success factors in planning and monitoring the project – and especially the human factors in project management;/li>

  • Improve decision-making competences.

  • Duration: 3 days



The comprehensive Project Management Fundamentals program combines different learning methods and media: interactive e-learning with personal support from a tutor is followed by a workshop in classroom with the project management simulation SimulTrain.

SimulTrain is an interactive multimedia learning tool which allows the participants to experience the execution of a realistic project within a few hours. During the simulation the participants are confronted with all the events and problems which occur in almost any project: the client who wants to change requirements, the heads of department who refuse to give the necessary resources, the technical difficulties which crop up at the worst time… Constantly under pressure the participants have to manage cost, schedule and quality – without losing sight of the human factors. A unique opportunity to experience that a project manager’s actions are part of a complex system, in which human factors play a critical role.