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In classroom training a considerable part of the time is spent on group work and case studies to develop specific professional competences. However, more and more classroom training is replaced by individual e-learning in order to increase efficiency and flexibility of the learning as well as to reduce travel cost.

If you are looking for a way to combine the advantages of both training approaches, then PM Teamwork is the right solution for you!


What is a PM Teamwork

PM Teamwork is a collaborative online tool which allows a group of people to work together on a case study. The case is described in necessary detail and the group has to answer a number of questions related to it. At any time the participants have access to background theory. A distant coach provides guidance and feedback.

In contrast to individual e-learning, all decisions/answers will be discussed and validated by the team. A chat or blog system allows the participants to argue in favor of their preferred option or to write an answer to a question.


PM Teamwork - supported by a distant coach... and the team works on an online case study


The objectives of a training session with PM Teamwork are manifold:

  • develop managerial skills and techniques via online collaborative work;

  • share best practices and experiences;

  • gain practical know-how about the concerned topic (e.g. project management, leadership,…)

  • acquire knowledge from related theory.

How to

Each participant receives a login and can connect to PM Teamwork at any time over a web browser. The participants of one team can work asynchronously, i.e. they don’t have to be online at the same time.

At their own speed, the participants can read the case, study the related theory and answer the questions. There are different types of questions:

  • Multiple choice questions: all participants individually choose one answer option. They can see other votes and change their choices until the majority of the team has voted for an option.

  • Open-ended questions: the team has to submit a textual answer to the question that will be evaluated by the trainer. Every participant can contribute to writing the answer.

​PM Teamwork explained in a video...




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